31.07.2019 New article on Elle Decor! From plastic cities and flashing screens to the latest ideas!

13.07.2019 Even if our real office remains our Whastsapp group, we are soon opening a new phisical working space and art gallery in the city center of Ferrara. Soon more news!

11.07.2019 Our interview about ‘The pinners, the grammers and more in the thumbs up era’ is on KooZa/rch website! 🔨

28.06.2019 New article on Collater.al! A blend of works, screenshots and palm trees drawn on Whatsapp default editor.🌴🌵

24.06.2019 We are more than happy to announce that we won the competition for a permanent set at LUA Modena! More news soon.

09.04.2019 HPO took part in the series of talk ‘The Pinners, the Grammers and more in the Thumbs Up Era’, part of the larger exhibition 'MICRO TOOLS: THE INVISIBLE SYNAPSE'

05.04.2019 The exhibition ‘Campi di Norcia’ is over. Our set-up called : : : : (otto punti) is now on-line. Chek it out!

04.04.2019 Next Tuesday HPO will be talking about the thin line between hammering and scrolling with Bianca Felicori at KooZA/rch living room in Milan. Live stream on @koozarch IG.

27.03.2019 From tomorrow Palazzo Tassoni will host the event ‘Giornate del Restauro e del Patrimonio Culturale’. Come and see our last design set-up for the exhibition ‘Campi di Norcia’.

07.03.2019 We are working on a new exhibit design in Ferrara set for the 28th, 29th and 30th of March 2019.

11.01.2019 We are on Vimeo! Check out our account to watch our videos.

01.01.2019 Happy new year from the HPO family! Soon news!

21.12.2018 The website has a new look!

17.12.2018 Supercinema’ has been a success! The project will soon be uploaded on the website.

12.12.2018 10 micro-cinemas modules are stored in Piazza Gobetti, Ferrara. ‘Supercinema’ is about to start!

04.12.2018 Our new logo is born!

04.12.2018 HPO self-made work suits are in progress! Ready to wear them in the next days to build our installation ‘Supercinema’ with ilturco.

30.11.2018 The work with ilturco is going on! From the 14th to the 17th of December ‘Supercinema’ will be set in Piazza Gobetti, Ferrara.

28.11.2018 Together with the presentation of the book, we displayed a little photo-exhibition about the work of ‘Incompiuto’ by Fosbury Architecture and Alterazioni Video.

19.11.2018 Fosbury Architecture will present the book ‘Incompiuto: la nascita di uno stile’ (curated together with Alterazioni Video) next Thursday 27th of November. Full details here.

12.11.2018 A little exhibition about the workshop with Parasite 2.0 will be displayed at Palazzo Tassoni (Ferrara) for 24 hours.

06.11.2018 Florilegium is over!

29.10.2018 Parasite 2.0 is in town! At 10:30 the lecture ‘Across the Desert’ and at 12:00 the workshop ‘Architecture from the Wilderness’ for 10 lucky students.

25.10.2018 We are working with ilturco on a 3-days event scheduled for the next December in Ferrara, Italy.

25.10.2018 Next Monday (29th of October) we will host the last Menodieci lecture. It will be held by Parasite 2.0 and will end with a workshop. See the full event details here.

13.10.2018 We proposed a short-cut of our live performance Codex Faenza at Ferrara Residency Finissage, hosted by FerraraOFF and organized by Resina.

12.10.2018 We had lunch with the first-year entering students on a 12x0.5m dining table we designed for the event.

28.09.2018 Together with Ground Action, we went to Teatro Radura to perform some actions inspired by 'Marat/Sade’ by Peter Brook.

20.09.2018 Vera Plastica will be open next weekend (22nd and 23rd of September).

17.09.2018 Festival della Filosofia is over and ‘Vera Plastica’ has been visited by more than 2000 people.

26.06.2018 We are happy to announce that we will take part at Festival della Filosofia (September 2018) together with Paolo Credi at Consorzio Creativo (Modena).

07.06.2018 Party time! Together with the last Menodieci lecture of the year, HPO organized the ‘Faffesta’ in the main garden of the FAF.

06.06.2018 We will dress some t-shirts designed by bjtss.

04.06.2018 ginowave, Ceish, Borghetti 127 and 13aio will make our bodies shake at ‘Faffesta’.

30.05.2018 The construction workshop of 4 truss-structures totems is going on.

25.05.2018 The last Menodieci lecture of the year will be held by 3 local architecture studios: InOut Architettura, Lado Architetti and Lamber+Lamber.

15.05.2018 Our installation ‘Zero’ has been visited by more than 2000 people.

05.05.2018 We are choosing materials for a new installation in a private house in Ferrara that will be open to the public at Interno Verde 2018.

29.04.2018 ‘Kinetoscopio’ has been used successfully at ‘Take Over’.

29.04.2018 We answered some questions made by Web Radio Giardino. Listen to the podcast here.

23.04.2018 Next weekend (28th and 29th of April) HPO will present ‘Kinetoscopio’, a new installation at ‘Take Over’, hosted by Wunderkammer and organized by Resina.

17.04.2018 Florilegium is now complete.

14.04.2018 We are driving to Faenza to perform ‘Codex Faenza’ at BeAgain 2018, hosted by AtelierBe at Teatro Masini.

03.04.2018 Our new ephemeral installation ‘Alice’ is complete.

05.03.2018 ‘Mangrovia’ is out. A short video about some specific ritual actions in Colombia.

15.11.2017 Fosbury Architecture will talk at the next Menodieci lecture. A little exhibition about their work will also be displayed.

12.11.2017 Together with Ground Action, we are driving to Teatro Radura to perform some actions inspired by Giovanni Pascoli’s ‘Poemi Italici: Paulo Uccello’.

12.10.2017 Tomorrow Fala Atelier will bring some copies of their first ‘joyfully laconic’ 01.

10.10.2017 Fala Atelier will talk at the first Menodieci lecture. A photo-exhibition by Paulo Catrica of their last temporary pavilion in Serralves, Porto will displayed. Full details here.

26.12.2016 Plagio Rossetti has been published on Domus.

21.12.2016 Plagio Rossetti has been published on ListoneMag.

09.12.2016 HPO will perform ‘Plagio Rossetti’, a landscape performance that will bury once again the first modern-age architect Biagio Rossetti.