🐟 01.12.2019 ’Shiny outfits for crowded spaces’ is the last experiment by HPO. Check the gold&glitter pics here!

👩‍🎤 25.11.2019 Our photoset for Rebel Architette was published today. Glad for helping our friend Francesca Perani.

🎤 21.11.2019 We will talk about HPO at A-Change Festival 2019 inside the shining Museo Diocesano in Feltre (BL)!

♴  08.11.2019 ‘X Plastic Age’, our proposal for the event organized by (C2h4)n, is now online check it out!

🚢 17.10.2019 We were in IUAV Venice to attend the talk called ‘Una testa ben fatta’ organized by Caranto. Straight outta sarde in saòr.

🌌 16.10.2019 The new installation ‘LaserHut’ is now online. Check it out!

🎪 15.10.2019Very happy to have our installation ‘Laserhut’ published on Domusweb news!

06.10.2019 HPO HQ Opening has been super! More than 500 people got squeezed into our new atelier.

🗞️ 03.10.2019  New article on Estense.com! 

⏱️ 28.09.2019  In exactly one week at 19h HPO will open its atelier in the city center of Ferrara, via Vignatagliata 33A. Don’t miss it!

♻️  25.09. 2019 We supported our friends c2h4n in the set-up of the exhibition ‘Plastic Age’ at Spazio Crema, Ferrara.

🌗  22.09.2019 ‘L’ultima notte d’estate’ was the première event for Teatro Radura in collaboration with Groundaction.

🏭  14.09.2019 We will talk about unclear and ambiguous spaces the 27th of September in Florence! More info here.

🏎️  09.09.2019 Super weekend! Ferrari won at Monza after 9 years and New Generations Festival has been fire!

📣 13.08.2019 We are happy to announce we will take part to the New Generations Festival’ in Rome from the 6th to the  8th of September. See you there! 

🔫 12.08.2019 Our thoughts about the topic ‘Influencers’ are now on Malapartecafé! Get ready to shoot with the influencer weapons! 

🗞️ 31.07.2019 New article on Elle Decor! From plastic cities and flashing screens to the latest ideas! 

🏛️ 13.07.2019 Even if our real office remains our Whastsapp group, we are soon opening a new phisical working space and art gallery in the city center of Ferrara. Soon more news!
🔨 11.07.2019 Our interview about ‘The pinners, the grammers and more in the thumbs up era’ is on KooZa/rch website!

28.06.2019 New article on Collater.al! A blend of works, screenshots and palm trees drawn on Whatsapp default editor.

🏁 24.06.2019 We are more than happy to announce that we won the competition for a permanent set at LUA Modena! More news soon.

🔬 09.04.2019 HPO took part in the series of talk ‘The Pinners, the Grammers and more in the Thumbs Up Era’, part of the larger exhibition 'MICRO TOOLS: THE INVISIBLE SYNAPSE'

⛓️ 05.04.2019 The exhibition ‘Campi di Norcia’ is over. Our set-up called : : : : (otto punti) is now on-line. Chek it out!

🎙️ 04.04.2019 Next Tuesday HPO will be talking about the thin line between hammering and scrolling with Bianca Felicori at KooZA/rch living room in Milan. Live stream on @koozarch IG.

🏰  27.03.2019 From tomorrow Palazzo Tassoni will host the event Giornate del Restauro e del Patrimonio Culturale’. Come and see our last design set-up for the exhibition ‘Campi di Norcia’.

🏚️  07.03.2019 We are working on a new exhibit design in Ferrara set for the 28th, 29th and 30th of March 2019.

🎥  11.01.2019 We are on Vimeo! Check out our account to watch our videos.

🎇  01.01.2019 Happy new year from the HPO family! Soon news!

🌐  21.12.2018 The website has a new look!

🎞️  17.12.2018 Supercinemahas been a success! The project will soon be uploaded on the website.

📽️  12.12.2018 10 micro-cinemas modules are stored in Piazza Gobetti, Ferrara. ‘Supercinemais about to start!

🆕  04.12.2018 Our new logo is born!

👖  04.12.2018 HPO self-made work suits are in progress! Ready to wear them in the next days to build our installation Supercinemawith ilturco.

📅  30.11.2018 The work with ilturco is going on! From the 14th to the 17th of December Supercinemawill be set in Piazza Gobetti, Ferrara.

📷  28.11.2018 Together with the presentation of the book, we displayed a little photo-exhibition about the work of ‘Incompiuto’ by Fosbury Architecture and Alterazioni Video.

📘  19.11.2018 Fosbury Architecture will present the book ‘Incompiuto: la nascita di uno stile’ (curated together with Alterazioni Video) next Thursday 27th of November. Full details here.

🦖  12.11.2018 A little exhibition about the workshop with Parasite 2.0 will be displayed at Palazzo Tassoni (Ferrara) for 24 hours.

🍂  06.11.2018 Florilegium is over!

🏝️  29.10.2018 Parasite 2.0 is in town! At 10:30 the lecture ‘Across the Desert’ and at 12:00 the workshop ‘Architecture from the Wilderness’ for 10 lucky students.

☃️  25.10.2018 We are working with ilturco on a 3-days event scheduled for the next December in Ferrara, Italy.

🏓  25.10.2018 Next Monday (29th of October) we will host the last Menodieci lecture. It will be held by Parasite 2.0 and will end with a workshop. See the full event details here. 

🌘  13.10.2018 We proposed a short-cut of our live performance Codex Faenza at Ferrara Residency Finissage, hosted by FerraraOFF and organized by Resina.

🍝  12.10.2018 We had lunch with the first-year entering students on a 12x0.5m dining table we designed for the event.

🎭  28.09.2018 Together with Ground Action, we went to Teatro Radura to perform some actions inspired by 'Marat/Sade’ by Peter Brook.

💈  20.09.2018 Vera Plastica will be open next weekend (22nd and 23rd of September).

🎈  17.09.2018 Festival della Filosofia is over and ‘Vera Plastica’ has been visited by more than 2000 people.

⏰  26.06.2018 We are happy to announce that we will take part at Festival della Filosofia (September 2018) together with Paolo Credi at Consorzio Creativo (Modena).

🎉  07.06.2018 Party time! Together with the last Menodieci lecture of the year, HPO organized the ‘Faffesta’ in the main garden of the FAF.

👕  06.06.2018 We will dress some t-shirts designed by bjtss.

🎸  04.06.2018 ginowave, Ceish, Borghetti 127 and 13aio will make our bodies shake at ‘Faffesta’.

🔧  30.05.2018 The construction workshop of 4 truss-structures totems is going on.

📍  25.05.2018 The last Menodieci lecture of the year will be held by 3 local architecture studios: InOut Architettura, Lado Architetti and Lamber+Lamber.

⛽  15.05.2018 Our installation Zerohas been visited by more than 2000 people.

🏡  05.05.2018 We are choosing materials for a new installation in a private house in Ferrara that will be open to the public at Interno Verde 2018.

👀  29.04.2018 ‘Kinetoscopio’ has been used successfully at ‘Take Over’.  

🎙️  29.04.2018 We answered some questions made by Web Radio Giardino. Listen to the podcast here.

🥁  23.04.2018 Next weekend (28th and 29th of April) HPO will present ‘Kinetoscopio’, a new installation at ‘Take Over’, hosted by Wunderkammer and organized by Resina.

🌺  17.04.2018 Florilegium is now complete.

🌒  14.04.2018 We are driving to Faenza to perform ‘Codex Faenza’ at BeAgain 2018, hosted by AtelierBe at Teatro Masini.

♣️  03.04.2018 Our new ephemeral installation ‘Alice’ is complete.

🎬  05.03.2018 ‘Mangrovia’ is out. A short video about some specific ritual actions in Colombia.

🤸‍♂️  15.11.2017 Fosbury Architecture will talk at the next Menodieci lecture. A little exhibition about their work will also be displayed.

🐦  12.11.2017 Together with Ground Action, we are driving to Teatro Radura to perform some actions inspired by Giovanni Pascoli’s ‘Poemi Italici: Paulo Uccello’.

📚  12.10.2017 Tomorrow Fala Atelier will bring some copies of their first ‘joyfully laconic’ 01.

💊  10.10.2017 Fala Atelier will talk at the first Menodieci lecture. A photo-exhibition by Paulo Catrica of their last temporary pavilion in Serralves, Porto will displayed. Full details here.

🗞️  26.12.2016 Plagio Rossetti has been published on Domus.

🗞️  21.12.2016 Plagio Rossetti has been published on ListoneMag.

⛳ 09.12.2016 HPO will performPlagio Rossetti’, a landscape performance that will bury once again the first modern-age architect Biagio Rossetti.

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