default Æsthethics

Tools have always determined artistic production and its diffusion. We are interested in how default settings can influence our process. Decision made by programmers on the other side of the world put strict rules to our process: autocad, revit, rhino, photoshop, illustrator, instagram, whatsapp, all are the result of some code lines. The more the input is simple the more becomes interesting to play with it. In our case whatsapp became a shared space in which our ideas take shape (our office), its photo-editor in its simplicity represents a fundamental tool in our process. It is somehow forming a common language that from a simple structure evolves in our individual interpretation.
 With whatsapp editor the aim was to create an effective way to draw & communicate ideas between us, using fingers and basic colors, with IG stories default editor was used to communicate ideas to our public and outline an identity.
    In IG stories, the limitations of the default tools also emojis and text editor, generate an informal way of ideas representation, where solutions come out from a limited, collective vocabulary.